Don’t Rest High On That Mountain. Go Chase Rabbits, Birds and Squirrels.

We’ve been silent for a while on this blog trying to get our thoughts together to pay tribute to someone who was loved to infinity, if only that love could have kept her here.

Hippie Chick and JB lost an old friend a few weeks ago – our sweet fur angel Allie Bug.

Long before there was an HC, there was the Bug, Bug. Allie was a feisty, spitfire of a red dachshund with a determined attitude and a gentle spirt, filled with incredible innocence. Despite her seemingly naivety about the big bad world outside her dog door, Allie was at heart an old soul. You just knew Queen Allie had roamed the Earth centuries ago, perhaps with a crown, scepter and jewels, of course.

Allie Bug was HC’s cousin of sorts – not by blood but by friendship. The daughter of JB’s good friend, this short legged, stout “wiener” dog with a crooked snout and front paw, showed love with heart eyes and a ferociously wagging tail. She hunted big squirrels out her living room window and barked loudly at birds, the wind, a car, a kid on a bike or generally anything that moved within her area. When Allie was in the yard, you knew it.

Born in January 14 years ago, Allie lived with a few health challenges that she valiantly overcame. From a sensitive stomach to Cushing’s Disease in her later years, she took her treatments and her doctor visits like a little sergeant. She was a favorite at the animal hospital and when the decision came to put her struggle to breathe to rest, everyone in the building collectively wept.

It’s easy to cry over Allie but she was one privileged pup. She wanted for nothing; carefully nurtured, with every need met.

But this old world kicks all of us over to the next in due time, no matter how much we’re pampered and protected. Fur kids’ time within this realm is brief. The other world always demands that they return sooner than we want. Truthfully, if we had our way, we would never, ever let them go.

Allie Bug may have crossed over but as long as we have breath, she’s alive in our memories and in our very soul.

It was a long-running joke that if there were a million Allie clones in a line-up, it would be easy to pick out the original. All one would have to do is look in the eyes – the eyes that carry the spark of Heaven.

We know we’ll pick her out of that line-up one day. And, this time, we’ll never let her go.

Until then, chase rabbits, Princess Allie “Bug, Bug.”


HC and JB

PS: We love you Allie’s Momma (Lisa)


The sweetest snout we’ve ever known.



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