We’ll Keep Holding On.

It’s that time of year when one starts feeling the feels. The sickening yet hopeful feeling of what a new year may bring. This blog launched a  year ago with big hopes and dreams. Have they materialized? No. But, have JB and HC kept going, kept writing, kept sharing? Yes.

Hippie Chick’s Right Foot Up Life has seen some success this year. Her Facebook page continues to grow and she tweets and shares on Instagram. She even had a feature on her local news channel. Her T-shirts, mugs, and the like still remain for sale and she has sold a few items.

But, a year later and there’s no great reason to shake the tambourine, to say, this is it, we’ve made it.

Will we continue? Probably so. Neither one of us likes to give in or give up. It just seems though that people don’t really want to read or think..or laugh and share.

We’re entering into 2017, a year in which many of us feel anxious yet there are those who remain celebratory. One would like to think that there’s reason to continue to celebrate and be hopeful. If 2016 has shown us anything, it’s how fragile life really is.

JB grew up in a generation in which most of her idols abruptly faded away this year – from David Bowie and Prince to Florence Henderson and Leonard Cohen, Carrie Fisher to George Michael – the losses to Generation X have been great. Tack on Alan Thicke – Mr. Seaver himself – and we’ve been roasted on the spit.

It’s also been a brutal political year – people have been unreasonable and unkind and wholly convinced that the news sites they read are the gospel approved truth. It seems we’ve lost reason, lost our center and lost our ability to be rational from both sides, the right and the left.

JB’s lost friends to the political madness, becoming saddened by the reality of how people she thought she knew really think and feel and believe.

Maybe 2016 has been the year of true colors – vibrant, ugly colors, swirling and shifting in their heated angst.

JB and HC would both like to think that this next year will be hopeful, positive, peaceful, and prosperous. And, as we wait for the clock to strike midnight, we have every reason to believe that is possible.

But, deep down, in our core, we know it’s a long shot. We know that this time next year, we may be no closer to expanding our reach and realizing our dreams.

If you take the time to read and follow JB and HC, we say a sincere thanks to each of you. Our goal is to continue as our hearts remain hopeful.

And, if we ever break through the wall and hit the golden nugget, we’ll reflect upon this post and remember 2016 as the year of reality – realizing that the world isn’t what we hoped. We are a long way from where we wanted to be but we’re sure a lot closer than we ever thought we’d be.

So, here’s to 2017.

2016, you may have been far from right, but it’s okay. We aren’t lost.


We may be holding on for dear life in 2017, but we’re still holding onto each other.


One thought on “We’ll Keep Holding On.

  1. You both are awesome and give me lots of joy!!!!wishing you both the best!!!have a blessed 2017 and keep doing what you’re doing as you have touched my life and made me laugh!!!


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