The Roar of the Mighty Girls

HC’s been doing a lot of thinking lately about what it means to be a female fat cat in America. She can’t hide the fact that she’s bigger than the average cat – male or female. By her sheer size alone, HC garners attention. From the cable guy who exclaims, “That’s the biggest cat I’ve ever seen!” To the neighbor who meets her for the first time and immediately assumes that HC is a he, not a she.

Yep, this fat female cat has heard it all. And, she still goes about her business, holding her head high and thanking the Great Feline in the Sky for giving her a soft landing in a friendly home with JB-who also knows what it’s like to be female and single, living in the middle of the American South.

Being who you are in this world isn’t easy for fat cats and single gals. The labels and stereotypes are always there. If one cares about those kinds of things, it can be too much, so much in fact, that one could stop being true to oneself. One could take a predictable path, the traveled road.

Life would foretell that HC was supposed to have kittens, retire to a farm somewhere and live out her life a proud Momma cat. But, instead, the fates intervened and put her on the right path to her current life of Cat Divadom. And, HC’s quite content, living peacefully, unbothered by life’s expectations.

It’s appropriate that JB and HC found each other. Decades ago, when JB was a mere kitten herself, she was asked what she wanted to do after school graduation. When she talked about college and becoming a writer, a man who was her principal said she would get a degree, of course, an Mrs. degree.

Nothing’s wrong with getting that type of title of course, but the assumption that that’s all a young female would ever progress to is why JB applauds those women who excel, in spite of the expectation.

JB’s been doing a lot of shouting and clapping at the television these past few weeks – for mighty girls like Simone Biles, Simone Manuel, and Katie Ledecky, who are owning the Summer Olympics.

And, yes, there are claps for Michael Phelps too.

But, there’s just a little extra fire, a little extra fist pump, for the women who undoubtedly were told at some point in their lives that they couldn’t do something because they were simply born a girl.

Women cannot only win Olympic Gold, they can also be President.

And a fat orange female cat can have her own fans, from all around the world.

That’s something any female, human or feline, should give a right foot up to.








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