Summertime, Sweet Summertime..and HC probably won’t fit in her swimsuit again

There’s something HC needs to get off her chest. She told me that she’s tired of me making fun of her weight. I was shocked at her frankness but she really let me have it the other day with some fierce meows. I guess she’s peeked at the keyboard one too many times and read my funny comments about her girth. I apologized profusely, and fingers crossed behind my back, promised I would lay off the weight funnies.

And, then, I got my own payback as I dressed for 80 degree weather. I looked down after putting on what I thought was a nice late spring wardrobe and caught the side eye of HC. Let’s just say she was not doing her best to hide her disdain at my appearance.

I get it HC – I have no business talking about your weight when I’m hauling around extra pounds myself!

HC’s fans often comment on how pretty she is but then there are the fair share of fans who snip at her size. Not in a mean-spririted way, of course, but the comment is typically, what a big cat!

It made me think about the challenges women face about weight – whether human or feline. Can we be overweight and beautiful at the same time?

I look at HC and see a gorgeous, orange cat, with the personality of a fierce lion and a gentle lamb all rolled up into a pudgy fur ball. I can see that beauty in HC but cannot see the same in myself.


As the calendar turns toward summer, HC and I are going to roll right along, in our respective skins. We both may be outside the BMI chart, but one thing’s for certain, we both see the best in each other.

May all of our summertime mirrors be kind to us this season.



The view from here looks pretty good.




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