Thanking My Lucky Paws Today

I woke up this morning and stretched out in my usual sunny spot in the bedroom and watched JB sleep. She’s not an early riser like me. At first, it really annoyed me how many times I’d have to meow before she’d turn over and acknowledge me. I know it may take awhile for her to get to my food bowl but she always makes it there and never fails to pat me on the head and tell me how much she loves me.

That’s what Moms do. They never let you down and they always know just when you need a head scratch. I know I’m a lucky cat. I have a human who worships me and I realize not all humans love their feline friends as much as JB loves me.

I don’t know what I did to end up in such luxury. I guess in the great cat lotto, I pulled the jackpot card. I try to show JB how much I appreciate her. This morning, I spent time in her lap and gave one of my best loud purrs while she drank her coffee and rubbed my ears. I do love a good ear rub, combined with a chin scratch. Sweet heavens, that’s the best!

I’m not one to keep up with special occasions but it seems that humans are busy honoring Moms this month. I never really knew my fur Mom. We were separated at the shelter when I was just a tiny patch of orange fur.

Those memories are just that though – distant and a part of what’s made me the Hippie Chick I am today. I don’t meow for the days of yesterday. I thank the Great Feline in the Sky for what I have now and that’s JB.

I wish all furs had what I have. A nice warm home, plenty of toys, good food, lots of scratches and rubs and always knowing that I am loved.

Happy Mother’s Month to all Moms of furs. You chose to love us unconditionally – even after we’ve coughed up hairballs, shed all over your nice pair of pants and scratched up your new table. There’s no greater love.

Purrs and purrs to infinity and beyond.


The HC




Right where I’m meant to be.