Shut Up, Shut Down and Take a Nap

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I am a pro at napping. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, I can lay down a good nap whenever the urge hits. There’s nothing more important to me (except a full food bowl, of course) than getting in some snoring time.

We furs have no need to always be running around like humans. I do, from time to time, get in a few runs around the house after indulging in some catnip. But, that’s really on special days, when I’ve been exceptionally lazy and need to show JB that I’m still just as spry as the day she brought me home in that crate.

I arrived in the crate six years ago. JB doesn’t think I can keep track of time, but I know more than she thinks I do. I know when the seasons change, all furs do. We know our time is short here with our humans but we don’t worry about it like they do.

Humans worry about a lot. They worry about tomorrow, what happened yesterday, what didn’t happened today. Sometimes I wish I could leave with JB during the day, to see where she goes and what she does and maybe understand what keeps humans all wound up about stuff all the time.

I guess it’s best, though, that I stay in the house and take my naps. I don’t need that human stress because a cat’s life is short. That’s why we’re content to give into our needs -we love food, naps, and a little catnip here and there. That doesn’t mean we’re lazy and selfish, it means we’re smart, smarter than our humans.

JB doesn’t know it but I’m trying to set a good example for her. She really needs me to keep perfecting my napping skills. One day, I’m going to teach her how to nap the HC way, the right foot up way.

I think of napping as my gift to humans. Enjoy.


The HC11140377_10206450622008047_8669406899064458385_n

Here I am, the best cat napper I know.





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