The Next Garfield? Could It Be HC?

I just don’t know what to think. I mean, here I am, hanging out, going right foot up and chilling. Next thing you know,  I have more than a thousand people who want to know about me! Little old me! (Well, not so little, but…)

How did this happen? I have not a clue. I keep to myself, playing with my toys and Hello Kitty. I mean, I live a quiet life. I don’t like a lot of fuss. I don’t have time for that stress stuff that humans do.

But, you can’t just mind your own business living with JB. She documents everything I do with that phone camera. I get really annoyed sometimes; a fat cat can’t just take a litter box break without being followed!

Sigh. I guess it’s payback for all those times I’ve followed her everywhere, especially those times she’s almost tripped over me!

I feel something big is about to happen. I can’t be sure,  but I think people might be taking to my laid back lifestyle. It’s about time! Life’s too short to take it too seriously. You gotta let go, lay back and raise a right foot up. Take it as it comes. I keep telling JB that with my meows. I’ve been yelling this to her for years.

I think now she finally gets it. She finally understands. I’m so happy that JB is happy – even if it means I have to be in the spotlight for a bit.

It’s all worth it if my human is smiling.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll be the next Garfield? All that fat cat did was eat lasagna.   I have my own style, the right foot up style. That’s way better than stuffing your face with cheese and tomato sauce.

Stay tuned because I think something is out there for me and JB. Something big. Bigger than my stomach.


The HC


Might not know it now, but baby I’m a star! (PS: If this fat cat can make a living stuffing his face with Italian food, I can do it by raising a foot!)


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