Rebel, Rebel…

I did it! I seized the moment when JB was asleep on the couch. I jumped on the table in the fancy room where sometimes she has people over to eat. I stretched out like I owned that table too. Now, you may be wondering why I don’t do that when JB’s not home?  Well, there’s no fun in doing it when she’s not here. It’s the sneaking around that gets my cat curiosity.

Call me a naughty feline, but I’m a good cat most of the time. A chick’s gotta let her tail down and live a little. So, I took the leap.

She didn’t know I was there for a long time either. When she woke up and stumbled to the kitchen, I waited for her to catch a glimpse of me but she just kept on walking by until she turned her head to do the laundry and bam! Caught!

Faster than I could say, “paws on my food bowl!” JB screamed and clapped her hands. I hate when she smacks her hands together. I jumped down and ran to safety underneath her bed, my heart racing.

Whoowee! That was the most fun I’ve had in my seven lives. (I keep forgetting to share how I’ve lost so many lives already).

Next challenge: I’ve got to figure out how to get into the laundry basket behind that shut door.

It’s good to be a rebel cat sometimes. It keeps JB (and me) sharp and on our paws.


The “I Fight Authority” HC

Just chilling, like the villain.



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