I Was Born In A Crossfire Hurricane…

How appropriate that my birthday is celebrated on February 29th. I have no clue how old I am. My birthday is celebrated on the one day that’s not a regular date on the calendar. Really, this isn’t even the date I was born. It’s just the day JB picked me up from that Wal-Mart parking lot on Highway 411.

Yes, it’s true, yours truly began her life as HC one day six years ago in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Oh, the indignity! All I know is I was living in terror of a tiny barking terror after my previous owners got a woofer (aka dog). I spent my time climbing the rafters, cabinets, whatever I had to scurry up to get away from that yapping tyrant.

Then, one day, I was loaded up in the car in my crate and JB appeared. And, the rest is history. She brought me to my home today (it was a looong ride and I screamed the whole way!) I didn’t know where I was when the crate was finally opened and I was terrified. I spent months roaming the rafters downstairs in her basement. JB would yell at me and threaten to send me back. She was so mad because I wouldn’t come down from the insulation in the ceiling. What she didn’t know was how scared I was – I didn’t trust anyone or anything and I sure had no clue where I was.

Over time, though, I understood that JB was my new human and she loved me. She fed me, talked to me, gave me more love than I had ever known in my whole life. She made up for a whole lot of bad (including that stint living with my siblings under a trailer and rooming in the shelter where rats were bigger than me!)

I owe a lot to JB. She would never see it that way, though. She’d tell you how much she owes to me. Let’s just say we owe each other.

I don’t know where this whole “Right Foot Up Deal” is going but I’m glad I get to  ride the wave with JB.

There’s no place else I’d rather be. We’re a purrfect pair.

So, happy birthday to me! (Let’s say I’m finally a teenager and leave it at that, okay?)


The HC




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