You ‘Like’ Me! You Really ‘Like’ Me!

JB’s been in a whirl this week, telling me how popular I am. All I know is that every time I raise my right foot up, hop in my bed, grab a snack, take a nap or visit the litter box, there she is taking my picture with that phone she’s always carrying around. (Ok, I embellished a bit. She has not taken a photo of me in the litter box – YET! I suspect that’s next).

What’s a cat gotta do to get some privacy around this house?

JB told me that more than 500 humans out there in computer land are following my pictures and what she calls my “adventures.” I don’t know why she calls my life an “adventure.” The only time I leave the house is to get hauled off in a crate to see the person in the white coat who scares the whiskers off of me by poking around, listening to my heart, squeezing my stomach and shoving something that feels like a needle in my nether region. JB says the visit to the white coat human keeps me healthy. If that’s so, then why do I leave there scared out of my fur coat?? There’s a good reason we cats have trust issues. We’ve been tricked into seeing the white coat human too many times!

I guess I need to trust JB that she knows what she’s doing when she shares all those photos of me with you, my “fans,” as she calls you.

I should say thank you here to all you humans who like to read about me. But, I’m a cat, after all, and we cats aren’t much into giving thanks. Instead, we like to show our appreciation by giving humans the occasional dead mouse or coughed up hair ball.

Since I can’t give all of you a personal dead mouse delivery, you’ll just have to make do with this personal note.

JB should be thankful that I haven’t figured out how to use that camera yet. When I do, there’s going to be a nice photo shared of her in her own litter box. That’s another thing she’s probably forgotten – we cats know a thing or two about revenge.

Paws on my food bowl – I’m famous!


The HC (yes, a famous cat like me requires a THE)


I always knew I was destined for greatness among my litter.




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