Nobody Told Me It Was Party Time


She did it again. She left me alone in the condo. Just me, HC, a lonely figure in fur wondering when I’ll hear the garage door open again and the keys jangle in the lock. The one who feeds me bolted out the door. She barely said bye. I meowed my most pitiful meow and even refused to eat the food that she so hurriedly dumped in my bowl. It didn’t work. She slammed the door. How dare she leave on a Sunday, our day to nap on the couch. She with her head on a pillow and me with my back paws on her head.

I don’t know what she’s been celebrating but something has been going on. It seems like every night she brings home a bag with paper! Two of my very favorite things! She’s all happy with what’s inside the bag. Me, I just want the bag. Sometimes she lets me try to cram myself in one of them but I just end up ripping it and making her mad.

While she was gone, I jumped up on the countertop and checked out all those cards with candles and my face on them. I was kind of insulted by the size of some of those fellow felines though. Am I really that big? And, why does she have cards with me on them?

Oh, I’m so confused. Paws on my food bowl – I think I forgot a very important day in her life. I should’ve caught a mouse, yes, that’s what I should have done. The best gift anyone could ever get.

It’s not easy being her cat. Everyone thinks it is. I mean she’s a great human, a great food source but she completely left me out of the parties and celebrations. She forgot to tell me it was a special day.

For that, she deserves a big hairball. On the carpet. Right beside her bed. I’ll make sure she’s not wearing any socks.

Happy Special Day! (I think she turned another year older in human years).



She doesn’t know it, but there’s a big hairball in her future.









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