Two Plus Two Might Equal Five For Me

The other day, after enjoying dinner with a longtime friend, I mentioned that I like being a homebody…. She retorted in response, “What? But you’re too much of a people person for that!”

I thought about it for a minute and said well, “maybe?” And, then I got in my car and said to myself, “WHAT indeed!”

I think I’ve become a paradox. Well, I’ve not really become that, I’ve in truth always been one. Descriptions of me usually start with social butterfly. I do enjoy socializing, going out with friends, creating new experiences, laughing, talking, sharing.

That part of me hasn’t left but it’s a bit more subdued today. I’m quite content to be home with HC, listening to her cat snores and just enjoying the solitude. The simpleness of a peaceful drama-free day is bliss. I think that’s what I have no use for anymore – the drama.

With people comes unnecessary drama. The more relationships you build, people you meet, the more it’s inevitably going to find you – or it seems to have a way of finding me. One time a friend sent me the Lucy cartoon, feet propped up on desk, and 5 cents please above her head. The implication was that was me – always willing and ready to listen (without charging the five cents of course).

I’m still available for consult but these days I don’t have the desire to invest much of me into others’ issues. I’ve learned the hard way in life that honestly it’s not worth it and you won’t get the thank you that you deserve. It never was about the thank you’s anyway though. For me, it was about doing the right thing and just being there when someone needed it.

As one of my favorite singers’ Fiona Apple sang…”If you wanna make sense, what you looking at me for? I’m no good at math.”

If you want my 5 cents worth now, you might want to start with getting out your own calculator first.





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