Caught in the Act of Cat Napping

I’ve often wondered what HC does while I’m away during the day. Maybe other people never wonder such things, but I confess, I do. I imagined her time was spent doing one activity, which she does quite well, sleeping.

What I didn’t guess was that her time is spent sleeping….in my bed.


Yes, HC has been caught more than a few times, reclining in the comfort of my bed, exactly where I sleep.

Now, here’s confession number two, I don’t make my bed every day. It’s a terrible habit and one I’ve had since young adulthood. I’m not lazy; I just can’t grasp fully making my bed when I have to unmake it at the end of the day. This behavior goes in complete contrast to my typically tidy, everything must be in its place, nature.

That’s just part of the complexity of me – I’m one part obsessive compulsive, respecting the rules and another part messy, hating the constraint.

Life has never been black and white with clear lines for me either. The lines are blurred, blending into one another in shifting patterns of vibrant colors. It would be easier if I didn’t see those colors, those ever bending lines.

But, then I wouldn’t have a messy bed and then HC might not like to spend her days resting in it. She doesn’t care if the bed’s made or not. She just cares that it’s there; comfortable and comforting, making her feel closer to me.

I think HC found the perfect spot to get caught napping, in a perfectly made bed.









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