Letting the Right People In

Holiday cards have almost become a thing of the past. We’re so wrapped up in an iThis or iThat we forget the best communication of all is found at the tip of an ink pen.

This season, while I still received a decent amount of cards, it was a significantly smaller quantity than in years passed. I was guilty myself of not sending out cards and it’s the first year I haven’t in more than two decades. I just had nothing to say or write and felt no need to conjure up an end of year wish that felt hollow.

Deciding not to send out cards was a selfish decision, based on my own feelings and perceptions. It had more to do with me being hardened by a few people rather than realizing the love that was still present.

The last card I received this season was from a dear friend who has always been present; consistently there. The message was simple…”Love you so much.”


996148_10208342280178319_8988652423045086208_nIt made me pause and reflect on a few things; something I’ve been doing a lot of the past few weeks. Have you ever found yourself running with the wrong crowd? You spend so much of your time caught up in the circle of the crowd that you forget there’s a whole ring of people outside the circle, worthy of attention and friendship.

It’s sometimes easier to let the wrong people into your life than to keep the right people.

I generally am not a follow the popular crowd type of person. The tune of my drum is loud and often offbeat but it’s uniquely mine and it beats to a rhythm that is oddly in synch with me. Consequently, that drumbeat seems to attract everyone from inside and outside of the circle leaving me left surrounded by the wrong crowd.

I’ve spent the holiday season connecting with those who have been standing outside the circle, consistently¬†waving, cheering me on. It’s felt good to feel love; feeding my soul with nourishment and my psyche with encouragement.

When you let the right people in, you realize they love you for you. Not for what you can give them or do for them. And, they’re always there waving, waiting for you to step back outside of the wrong circle.




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