Feeling the Power of Your Crown

Scrolling through my social media feed last night, I happened upon this image.

1936611_10208330393241153_4418749580070762320_n.jpgAnd I paused. And I cried. And then I smiled. I haven’t felt my crown in awhile. It’s been dusty and downright invisible of late. The girl who laughs from the gut, cares deeply and empathizes to a fault has just not been present. She’s taken a back seat to an unsure, disappointed and scared woman who can’t seem to find her place.

Today I finally felt my crown return again when I received notification that someone I respect and admire shared a recent blog post I made about dealing with the loss of a loved one to suicide. Kay Warren, wife of Pastor Rick Warren and mother to a child lost to suicide, shared my story and told me she was glad I was still here.

She called my blog post a “poignant and powerful story of struggle, hope and loss.” And that one share has led to my blog being read in Switzerland, Germany and The United Kingdom and counting.

Feeling the power of your crown is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s the feeling of knowing that there is a force bigger than you at work, guiding you, and telling you that somebody does care and somebody is eventually coming. Somebody knows your worth.

The idea that my blog and story can make it across the “pond” and help others across the world makes me feel oh so alive with purpose. I can hear my roar.

HC sees a tiger in the mirror every morning. In truth, she’s more than 20 pounds and runs away from the sight of a squirrel.

That doesn’t stop her from roaring. Why should my own reflection stop me?




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