A New Sweater Makes it All Better


Most people who have seen my closet, stare at it in wonder for the sheer fact that it’s all mine. Every bit of it. No one shares space with me and HC requires no wardrobe. I don’t have a big closet. It’s just a small walk-in but filled with all four seasons, from sweaters to shorts. And, I admit, I could probably go 365 days without wearing the same thing twice.

I don’t know what it is about new clothes that always makes me feel better. I may not need them but I sure like the natural high I get from hanging a new piece in that crammed closet.

As tradition holds, the bags and packages under the Christmas tree this year held a few more new sweaters for me. Even Gracie, my parents’ shih tzu, got a new sweater – a cute pink argyle I couldn’t resist buying for her.

While we may not have needed them, especially in this record-setting springlike East Tennessee December, in the Burke household we all felt good getting new sweaters.

Over the holiday break, I’ve got to commit some serious time to cleaning my closet, getting rid of the old to make room for the new. The same could be said for my life in general. I’ve got to get rid of the bad from 2015 so that the new experiences of 2016 can take root and grow.

I’ve got some new sweaters to wear to new places, after all.


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