From Centenarian to Cat: Everyone’s Soul is Sparkly at Christmas

image-5I fell asleep on the couch last night. It’s a horrible habit. I woke up around 4:30 AM, upset that most of the night in my comfy bed had been lost.

Stumbling around, trying to turn off lights, I looked around for HC, figuring she had retreated to the bed herself and taken up residence. But, no, nestled under the tree was a sleeping HC. She slept there all night, in the room with me, under the twinkling lights of the tree.

I almost didn’t put a tree up this year. I just wasn’t feeling the spirit. It seemed easier to forgo the decorating than going to the trouble of putting up something that I just didn’t seem to have the heart to deal with.

If I had chosen to forsake that tree though, I would have deprived HC of the experience of finding a comfy, cozy resting spot. And, I would have denied myself the experience of waking up from a slumber and finding her there.

Christmas is a magical time. Whether you’re a cat or 102, it seems that  twinkling stars shine brighter if we just look.

I have two stars in my life…HC and Grandma, who happens to almost be 102. I have shared the holiday season with her since I came into this world. Grandma’s never lost her spark or her twinkle. I think that’s the secret to making it in old age or any age, whether you’re a cat or a grandma. Holding onto that light and hoping for tomorrow. The light never really dies, it’s just found in different things…like a fat cat sleeping under a Christmas tree and a Grandma who has never lost her beautiful smile.



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