Two Stockings, Too Much Stuff


Merry, merry all around the town. We’re all running around buying stuff…to cram in a stocking or under a tree, in a box or a bag, wrapped up and prettied with a bow.

I used to love getting stuff. Nothing made me happier than seeing a present with my name on it. It didn’t matter if you wrapped up a paperclip, as long as I was opening something up, I was content. I’m embarrassed to say but I would count the number of presents I had under the tree; not the quality but the quantity.

Those days of counting presents are long gone. I used to fret and worry and carefully select for my friends the perfect presents, matched up to their tastes. Giving to me truly was far better than receiving. My Christmas shopping list, however, has gotten smaller and smaller every year. I buy for few people these days and those who were so important to buy for and celebrate with last year are no longer a presence in my life. Seems like that is the way it goes year after year.

I’ve encouraged those friends that still have a desire to gift give to not shop for me; I’d rather just spend time talking and being present, being here.

HC has a stocking of course, and she’ll get some kitty treats. My stocking is there too because one alone just won’t do. They’re hung on the mantle because that’s what you do this time of year. You give stuff…in a bag, or a box or with a bow. You pretty it up and make it just so….. even if you have to force it to be so.







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