If You Read, You’ll Judge. Unless You’re a Cat. Then You’ll Just Judge.


When I was in Seattle in late September, I visited a museum dedicated to the experience of music and entertainment called the “Experience Music Project.” Roaming around the gift shop after viewing exhibits on Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix, a spiral bound notebook caught my eye. It was a replica of Kurt Cobain’s songwriting journal with the words written in his scrawl…”If You Read, You’ll Judge.”

As we know from what MTV has engrained in our psyche, Kurt Cobain was a brilliantly tortured soul. And he was partly right and partly wrong about his statement. He forgot to figure in cats to the equation.

I’m going to shock you by telling you a secret. Cat’s don’t read. And they judge. Yes, they do. Have you ever looked at your cat’s face after you sleep through your alarm clock? Judging. Or how about the look they give you when you wake up from a drool inducing nap on the couch? I present to you Exhibit A – the above photo. That’s HC and that’s JB’s viewpoint from the couch. Yep, I had just awakened from one of those “what the hell happened and where did I go for three hours naps” when I open my eyes and see the glare of HC’s judging eyes.

Judging is one of those bad human traits. Maybe cats were the original judgers and the human species just adapted it over time. The difference is cats judge and move on. They don’t get caught up in the human pettiness. They know they need a human to fill the food bowl and empty the litter. Humans keep judging; forgetting that they just might need a fellow human to replenish their own food bowl.




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