The Comfort of Well-Worn Shoes


My nightly view…a fat cat on a cheap shoe. HC has a fondness for a pair of shoes I bought a few years ago at Target. They’re cloth loafers but I use them more as house shoes. I’ve been known to wear them out on errands but I generally keep them contained to knock-about status. I noticed a few months ago that every time I neglected to put them back in the closet, HC claimed them for her own. Kneading them, kicking them with her back paws and generally giving them a good feline beating.

I’ve started leaving them out 24/7 now. For whatever reason, these shoes bring HC great comfort. She purrs loudly, letting me know that these old, cheap shoes make her content. And, every day they get a bit more flattened out, misshapen, with a fine layer of orange fuzz adorning the top.

There was a time in my life when this would have bothered me greatly. I would think about how the shoes were not in their proper place at night; how they’re being destroyed and soon I won’t be able to wear them again.

Thankfully, that time has passed. Wherever these shoes are, HC is at peace. I think they remind her of me. And that brings JB peace.

It’s the holidays; whatever or however you celebrate, HCandJB’s wish is that you find your own pair of well-worn shoes.


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